At Six-S Flooring, we provide an extensive range of commercial flooring options for many different commercial settings including retail showrooms, offices, medical facilities, restaurants and more.  Some of these products include: 

  • Vinyl Composition Tile
  • Carpet Tiles and Squares
  • Broadloom Carpet
  • Commercial-grade vinyl
  • Luxury vinyl plank and tile

We work with the top brands that are synonymous with quality and durability. Our experienced flooring professionals will work closely with you, your contractor or decorator to help select the best possible product for your needs.

Commercial Flooring Installation

Our team of professional and experienced installers are ready to tackle your project with the care and attention to detail as one

Commercial Flooring Repair

Replacing a floor in a commercial setting may not always be an option for many businesses. Due to the wear and tear of commercial flooring, floors can become damaged or worn over time and, in many cases, we can provide options to repair the existing floor without the expense, time and possible disruption in business that would be involved with a new floor.   

Some examples of flooring that can be repaired are:

  • Carpet that has become loose or has ripples, wrinkles or buckling can often be professionally re-stretched
  • Carpet tiles that have become worn, stained or damaged can be replaced with new tiles. This is common in high-traffic areas 
  • Wood Flooring that has been damaged or scratched can be replaced with new floor boards 
  • Laminate, LVT and LVP are all module flooring that can be replaced by an experienced professional

Contact us today if you are interested in a free assessment to determine if your flooring can be repaired.